TopicSecret jewelry is missing from most new businesses

  • Wed 30th Aug 2017 - 11:17am

    For women, the series goes like this: Smile, Conversation, Feelings, Love, Romance and Sex. Now, of course, this series is brilliant (I am not mad to disagree), but it tortures the patience of a man. It's like you invite some wrestler inside the ring, Memory Repair Protocol  and instead of fighting, you teach him how to do salsa-dance.Communication, Romance, and Love. Their places are outside of the ring. You can't introduce these things inside the ring of 'Sex'. If you will, the situation will be complexed. You won't get you should watch a movie alone, or shouldn't watch at all - at night on your bed.Second, you'll have a chance to check his patience. If he moves right according to your directions, he deserves your love & attention. But, if he doesn't move in your directions and tries to do sex forcefully, he's probably not born for you.

    On the other hand, I always differed her this mindset. Because, I believed that love has stages. If today you are standing on the beginner stage, then tomorrow you have to move your love towards the intermediate stage, and after that, you have to stand like a champion on the expert stage of love. You definitely need advices, tips, and ideas to keep the love grow in the most beautiful manner.You can't keep on standing on the beginner level all your life. You have to upgrade yourself, your lover, and your love - on a constant basis. And for that, you must keep on learning new tricks and tips so that you can not only keep his brain soft but also turn the temporary love into eternal love.


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