Topicwhy choose fresh, organic foods?

  • Thu 31st Aug 2017 - 7:46am

    Lots of foods that look fresh and healthy, but unwittingly been 'infiltrated' with toxic chemicals that can eventually threaten the health of the body. For that, one solution is to choose organic food, which is not only good for health, but also safe for the environment.

    In a holistic and holistic organic understanding that is capable of benefiting all those involved in its processing (ie nature and human), by eating organic food one becomes healthy because of his blessing (in Islamic terminology) or because of his 'karma' Hindu terminology). What is organic food? First of all we need to first straighten our understanding that choosing organic food should not be based on consideration simply because "the consumer" is afraid of illness (or even fear of dying), because for both (especially the latter) there is not much that man can do for avoid it.

    Until now there are still many people who wonder about organic food. Many also define it as fresh food without chemicals and pesticides. However, many also consider this type of food is a special food people who "crazy" Tarzan class that is back into nature. Apart from that, it must be recognized that this type of food is good for reducing the negative effects of toxins from various chemicals and pesticides.

    Choosing organic foods is a form of responsibility for our own bodies that should be well cared for, and also the responsibility to nature that is now very pathetic, and a form of concern for poverty and solidarity to our less fortunate brothers who farm and prepare food we are in the countryside.

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    Hippocrates, a modern health thinker, reveals that food is your medicine and let medicine be your diet. The thought of Hippocrates is now re-excavated as the basis for why we should choose food.

    The reason for choosing organic food is the problem of the future. Our successor generations should not accept the negative consequences of our current behavior. Recent studies have shown that children are exposed to four times more pesticide effects than adults.

    Until now recorded there are at least eight types of pesticides in foods that can cause cancer. Food choices that are non-chemical residues and pesticides today will have an important impact on the health of future generations.

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