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  • Tue 5th Sep 2017 - 8:31am

    Want to sample the delights of starred restaurants-style diet menu? Hhhmm ... If Yes, you don't need to go far to find classy restaurants with great pay. It is enough to spend some of the following diet menu list, then Your own favorite kitchen , then diet menu ala star restaurant also can You serve in the middle of the warmth of your family at home.

    The texture of the Fish in the Dori poached, then combined with onion stir fry mixed nuts sagrai, apparently making a diet menu this time more familiar on the tongue. Serving in the now hot with scent of patisseries packed, it's appropriate if the menu presented when togethers with family. For those of you who are undergoing diet program, this menu does not create diet program you become distracted. Good Luck. (AL)

    fish 500 gr. dori cut 4 sections
    2 segment ginger finger
    被sere 2 rods
    100 gr. of diced pineapple
    100 gr. of diced tomatoes
    Curry leaves
    nut sagrai pounded finely
    tomato sauce 2 tbsp
    chilli powder 1 tsp


    Boiled fish dori half-baked
    Then saute the onion until wilted.
    Input the tomato sauce and add water 200 ml. then input the chilli powder, emiya Shiro, ginger, Curry leaves, place the fish Cook until done. Add beans, tomatoes and pineapples sagrai. Then lift up and then serve with sliced scallions.


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