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  • Fri 8th Sep 2017 - 1:01am

    A healthy skin says a lot about a person, it gives a good first impression and makes you look younger. Proper facial care is important in our daily lives. There are different ways to improve your skin depending on your type: normal, dry or oily, you may want to choose a facial treatment.

    However, natural remedies are sometimes the best choice, because most of the creams in the market contain some type of chemicals which are not good for sensitive skin.

    Some important natural skin care tips are:

    - follow a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals
    - avoid junk food and any type of fried food
    - Drink plenty of water to remove toxins from your system
    - use a sunscreen to prevent sun damage

    There are many methods that help in different ways, you can even make your own skin care Memory Repair Protocol home remedy with organic ingredients.

    - keep your skin moisture by massaging virgin coconut oil or butter
    - Tea tree extract and lavender are very helpful for acne problems
    - A mixture of rose, patchouli oil an dorgan can help to remove wrinkles
    - use a good cleansing oil before going to sleep
    - Aloe Vera can treat sunburn as well as strawberry juices, avocados and cucumber slices.
    - You can make a facial toner by mixing green tea, lavender, ginseng tea and lemon oil.
    - lemon oil can be used to remove facial spots.

    Vitamin C and E are very helpful for the skin and also have some important anti aging properties. Some of those natural ingredients contain anti oxidants that are very important to prevent oxidation due to free radical damage.

    You can make your own skin care natural remedies, but there are also natural creams that use some of the best organic ingredients in the world. They prevent skin aging and protect it from the ravages of the environment.

    A Natural compound like Cynergy Tk is also very effective, because it promote the formation of new collagen, thus reducing wrinkles and firming the skin naturally.

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