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  • Fri 8th Sep 2017 - 10:04am

    Some say, we are a reflection of what we eat. You are what you eat. If we eat too often junk food, then we will be "junk". If we want to be healthy, then eat foods that are in category 4 healthy 5 perfect.

    Yes, the food. Things that provide energy intake in the human body as well as spoil the human tongue. When it comes to abdominal affairs, man can be a very savage being. Skipping breakfast when dieting is a big mistake. The tendency to be "savage" is huge when skipping breakfast. Choosing a healthy breakfast will make a full stomach longer and make your soul healthy. Because in a healthy body there is a healthy soul.

    Here healthy breakfast that you can lyrics.

    1. Sandwich of boiled egg contents.

    Eggs rich in protein is very fitting to eat at breakfast. One egg contains 70 calories and meets 13 percent of our daily protein requirement. Enjoy sandwiches from toast with boiled egg stuffing that will only produce 150 calories. Guaranteed to make you full and stay slim.

    2. Cheese Corn Omelette

    It only takes half cup cup of corn, two eggs, grated cheese, a teaspoon of butter, and salt. Making it very easy, just like making a regular omelette. You just put the stuffed corn that has been mixed with cheese. Good and healthy omelets ready to eat.

    3. Yogurt with honey pineapple

    Low-fat yogurt with pineapple and honey topping can also be your healthy breakfast menu. You can also use other fruit toping, according to taste.

    4. Wheat bread

    Wheat bread with peanut butter and fruit can you try as a breakfast menu. It's no secret that wheat bread is low-calorie but filling food. It is suitable for those who want to have a slim body.

    5. Roasted eggs and avocado

    Who says eggs can not be juxtaposed with avocado. Try this one menu. You need 25 minutes to create it. The ingredients used are only avocado, egg, salt and pepper.

    Change your daily meals with healthful menus. Because, you are what you eat.

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