TopicA Look Behind The Scenes

  • Mon 11th Sep 2017 - 11:34am

    We all like to believe we can totally relax on holiday. However, it is wise to keep your wits about you when travelling abroad. Without becoming completely cynical about strangers -- after all there are good and bad people everywhere -- pack some common sense and educate yourself to avoid becoming a victim.

    When the locals are over-friendly or eager to Lotto Dominator Review help it is not always with an ulterior motive, but that is very often the case. It does not make them criminals, and the motive may be as simple as steering you towards a family business hoping you will part with some cash. Who can blame them for trying. Taxi drivers may offer to take you to a business where you will get a good deal -- but usually only because they are paid a commission.
    ATM Machines - Just as you should at home, watch for suspicious activity around ATM machines. Shield your hand when punching in your account details and password. Criminals may install a fake front or tiny camera on the machine to steal your details. Credit/Debit Cards - Keep an eye on your card when making purchases to ensure it is not swiped a second time or taken off to a back room where a copy is made.

    Driving Abroad - Thieves might flag you down or pretend to be police officers. Ask for identification if you are suspicious. Legitimate police will never ask for your wallet, purse or bag. Rental cars, cars with foreign plates or towing caravans are prime targets. Thieves may stop you and request assistance, or claim that you have a flat tyre. It may be a ploy to steal your vehicle or rob you.


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