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  • Thu 14th Sep 2017 - 8:16am

    We no longer need to do deep research to find out whether exercise is beneficial to the body or not. Because it is clear, that millions of doctors, experts, even ordinary people say exercise is very beneficial for the health of the body. The benefits of exercise for this body include being able to help you control your weight, increase immunity, increase muscle and bone strength, maintain posture, to increase your stamina.

    But from a range of sports benefits for body health, does exercise also have the benefit of slowing aging or keeping us young? Because for most people to be young at a young age is also very important. If you stay young, then in your old age there will be many things you can do, as can make you can continue your career and reach your dream in the twilight. To be able to know the benefits and links sport for ageless, please refer to the description below.

    Sport for Health and Youth

    A new study suggests that regular physical activity or exercise can prevent inflammation accompanied by aging and can prevent related illnesses, such as depression, heart disease, decreased mental function, and loss of muscle mass.

    Other research has shown that exercise has the potential for anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory that can inhibit the occurrence of aging. The study, published in the journal Circulation, looked at several people for 10 years to observe the long-term effects of exercise. This study has shown that people who regularly exercise regularly generally have low levels of inflammation. Automatically if the inflammation levels appear low, then the rate of aging was also low. Because basically the inflammation that comes also bring the effects of aging for your body.


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    With regular exercise:

    Your skin will be able to maintain its firmness.
    Blood circulation will be smooth if you exercise regularly
    May encourage skin regeneration
    Make skin brighter and avoid the fine lines of aging.
    Tighten muscles to keep them from looking old
    Avoid premature aging
    The toxins in your body will also come out through the sweat that comes out of the skin pores.
    Makes pore pore smaller

    For those of you who are lazy and avoid any kind of physical activity and sports, from now on try to take the time to do sports on the sidelines of your daily busyness. .

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