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  • Sun 24th Sep 2017 - 10:11am

    A number of hacker groups managed to find some hidden code inside the Nintendo Switch that keeps a secret game that can only be activated once a year!

    Started by the invention of the owner of Nintendo Switch named Setery, many say that his Nintendo Switch has been haunted. The reason, he found an unintentional secret game. Starting from his thread on the gbatemp forum, the hackers also tried to solve the mystery of this secret game.

    Named Flog, an emulator that runs this secret game has a number of codes that require users to perform certain gestures on a certain date. For this problem, Switch users can not falsify the date when the console has previously been connected to an internet connection. Because Switch will check and compare dates on the server and in the console.

    However, if the Switch console is still new and has not been connected to the server, then Switch will follow the date set by the user when first turned on. This is bypass stage the easiest to run without the help of homebrew though.

    The stage is quite easy, users simply lift both hands holding the joy-con in each hand like a typical gesture of the late Satoru Iwata. If the Nintendo Switch catches the gesture on July 11th, then a game titled Golf will appear on the screen.

    The Golf Presence on the Nintendo Switch, and what it means.

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    If you remember, July 11, 2015 is the date Satoru Iwata died of cancer at age 55. This is appalling world of gaming, both from the Nintendo side and from the opposing camp. The reason, Satoru Iwata is the CEO and the face of Nintendo. No one is unfamiliar with his typical gestures on Nintendo Direct. The phenomenal figure also colored the realm of gaming.

    To commemorate his services in this growing industry, Nintendo entered Golf as an easter egg as well as omamori or better known as a protective charm into the Nintendo Switch. But why Golf and not another game?

    As a programmer, Iwata used to work on developing games like EarthBound and Pokemon. Rumor has it that many developers are refusing to develop Golf due to the limited memory on NES cartridges. This decided Iwata to take over the game and develop it on its own. Thanks to his efforts, the game with all golf locations can be incorporated into the cartridge with all its limitations.

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