TopicSlow Horse Luke review PDF Download

  • Fri 20th Oct 2017 - 6:54am

    Slow Horse Luke is the incredible program A lot of tipsters who advise win bets will advise a 100pt betting bank, at £10 bets that’s £1,000 with this insanely profitable banking strategy. You are betting that your horse will come in first place. Whether your horse finishes in first, you will get to collect. This Slow Horse Luke program Now you may think that for laying you would need a bigger bank, that is not true. Of course a bigger bank always helps but this is the same for any type of betting.

    Some of the worst strategies for needing a huge bank are the stop at a winner style tipsters where you calculate your bet on each bet that day to make a set profit, so you can be betting £700-£800 by the end of the day just to hit your £50 target and re-coup lost bets.Laying is different, and a 100pt bank is plenty to get you started. That’s like laying a horse at 100/1, which although a pretty safe bet is a little daft. Risking everything on 1 bet, it’s certainly not Luke approach. Instead we can look for multiple lays in the same day and aim for a perfect day every time. When 1 does go on to win, the others that day help reduce the loss. This is when Luke Glover started trialling the multiple bet method.

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