TopicBeachbody Insanity Or P90X?

  • Fri 11th Jan 2019 - 7:19am

    I can vouch for this 'professional' ignorance from my PhenQ own journey to overcome emotional eating. I've seen a 'therapist' twice to help me with my earlier food related problems without success. On the first occasion I was directed to a dietician who showed me a diet sheet and said, 'look, you can have a digestive biscuit and not get fat'. What kind of advice is that? On the second occasion I went to a therapist who just kept going on about my mum and dad. Again, what help is that? Trying to deal with a food related problem such as comfort eating and not treating it holistically is like trying to tie your shoelaces with both hands tied behind your back: unless you've got a freakishly supple tongue then it just isn't going to happen!

    No, you have to be fully aware of the bigger picture. You have to work nutritionally and psychologically and, in my experience, in that order. That is not to say that people who suffer with comfort eating have a mental health problem, it is more likely that earlier attempts to control their shape and weight, perhaps as a teenager, upset their nutritional balance and led to a problem with food and comfort eating. It's a complicated situation that I can't do justice to here but here are the two strategies that you can't stop comfort eating without.


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