Topic6 Reasons Why Having An Excellent Online Business Is Not Enough

  • Wed 20th Mar 2019 - 9:51am

    This is usually called Cost-Per-Action or CPA offers. CPA offers typically require the visitor to take some kind of action, and if that visitor takes that action, then the affiliate network pays you. Often this action is submitting an email to become an email lead for a company, or filling out an entire form, whether a lead form or a survey data collection form. While CPAs pay lower than offers that pay you per sale, they often convert at a much higher rate, since there is no money that the visitor has to put down for the conversion to be complete. This higher conversion can often more than make up for the lower profits earned on an individual basis.

    If you're planning on relying on SEO for traffic which most people do, it's all about finding keywords where people would be interested in purchasing an affiliate product, and analyzing the competition of each of those keywords. Back when I was promoting Genesis themes, I saw hardly any articles about Genesis eCommerce themes” (when I Googled it) which was a popular keyword. I got myself #1 for it. For SiteGround and StackPath, I saw opportunities to write articles on settings” for each cache plugin (W3 Total Cache Settings, WP Fastest Cache Settings, WP Super Cache Settings, etc). After researching these keywords I was confident I could write better tutorials that the ones out there.

    First of all, you need to know that publishers almost always work with several different affiliate programs, and even with your competitors. Publishers promote offers based on their expected return, the highest ROI for them - not you. Ensuring your payout is competitive is a key component to a successful performance marketing program. Affiliate programs need to research the market price and find a competitive payout or your program won't grow. Talk with trusted publishers and affiliate networks, read blogs, browse directories, and dig through forums such to get insights into the market payout for similar offers. There's no perfect science to this.

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