TopicDetecting Diabetes in Older People

  • Fri 19th May 2017 - 1:32pm

    The onset of Type 2 diabetes is a major concern for so many people. Diabetes Reducer Review One of the groups who are the most concerned with the onset of this disease are the elderly. Factors such as age, weight gain, and having a sedentary life style lead to the development of this condition. That is why it is so important for the elderly to keep close tabs on their health.
    So, what is elderly? Every year the definition of elderly seem to change, but mostly the age of 65 is considered as being the beginning of elderly.
    The main problem that occurs is Type 2 diabetes is often overlooked since many elderly individuals have other existing medical problems. The symptoms of these conditions often mirror those of diabetes and, therefore, masks the diabetic symptoms from being identified. It is important for the elderly to undergo routine testing for Type 2 diabetes... especially those who are at an elevated risk of developing it. Type 2 diabetes runs in families, usually people with Type 2 diabetes can find a relative who has had the disease.
    Diabetes is often difficult to diagnose because of the decline of the individual's health due to aging. Such diabetic symptoms as dry mouth or excessive urination might be classic symptoms of diabetes, but they are also normal aspects that come with age.
    Vision is another overlooked area. Eyesight fades with age, but it is also a classic example of possibly having Type 2 diabetes. The difference is that diabetes-induced vision problems can and will eventually lead to blindness.
    Our bodies process food differently in our golden years and the needs of the body change also. Eating habits often fluctuate greatly and it takes a different level of various types of food in order to receive the same benefits as younger individuals receive. Foods that a younger person can get away with having are not recommended for the elderly due to how their body responds to them.

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