TopicHow can I inject reasonable Melanotan-II dosage?

  • Tue 13th Aug 2019 - 10:39am

    It is worth noting that for you to get the best Melanotan results; you should use Melanotan-II as a continuous therapy. The starting dose should be followed by further Melanotan dosages for maintenance purpose until you get your dream skin tone.

    Besides, you have to ensure that you don’t take too much or too little of the drug. Just inject a reasonable amount.

    Considering that MT2 comes as freeze dried powder in airtight, multi-use vials, you must be able to reconstitute it correctly using the right ratio with sterile water before administering it. Melanotan peptide for personal use is sold in 10mg enclosed in a 3ml vial and should be diluted with 1ml or 2ml of sterile water.

    In case you aren’t sure about your ability to reconstitute the peptide accurately, you can use Lovemelanotan peptide calculator. You can also use the tool to dose the product correctly.

    Although there are various ways of administering Melanotan-II 121062-08-6 including spraying (nasal sprays) and swallowing (Melanotan supplement pills), and injection, the latter (injection) is the best. The peptide molecules in the Melanotan peptide spray are too large and so, it’s difficult for them to penetrate the nasal membrane.

    Also, try to make the tanning sessions as tanning sessions short as a minute or two if necessary during the initial days, after Melanotan buy for a better skin tone. This is because tanning for long periods when your skin has minimal melanin will increase your freckling and burning risks. As melanin density increases as a result of Melanotan black skin, the skin will be so protected that it’ll be less vulnerable to freckling and sun-burning.

    Once you reconstitute MT2 to the right concentration, it’s now time to administer it, an activity that you’ll do using an insulin syringe. One thing that you’ll notice about the syringe is that it’s not only tiny but calibrated in IU (Internation Units). If you are used to ml, 100 IU is equivalent to 1 ML. so, if you want to administer 0.3mls, you’ll measure the drug up to the 30 IU mark in the syringe.

    You can inject Melanotan peptide underneath the skin (subcutaneous) or into the muscle (intramuscular); anywhere you can comfortably reach on your body. Pinch the skin loose from the muscle and raise it to allow the needle to penetrate the fat layer of the skin. MT2 is then absorbed into the bloodstream and spreads evenly throughout your body.

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