Topic 2 Biggest Advantages To Facebook Advertising (And Why You Should Be Using It If You Are Not)

  • Fri 21st Sep 2018 - 11:48am

    A Personal Tweet - Although we wouldn't recommend asking Facebook Ad Iq Academy Review for advice on your marriage on Twitter, you could be a little more personal with your Tweets, maybe mentioning how business is or how things have affected you for example during a recession.

    A Controversial Tweet - Although we would advise a little bit of caution, nothing gets the Twitter community going like a little controversial tweet, just make sure it is not so controversial that you are going to get into trouble and end up losing followers and potential business.

    The final thing to remember is that when you make a Tweet, by the time you have deleted it if it's a bit personal or on the line, you could find thousands of people have re-tweeted it and therefore you could be in trouble. Bear in mind that when you are tweeting, people will see the tweets straight away so it can be a good idea to review your tweets before you hit the send button, just to make sure they are ok, especially if you are tweeting for a business or company.

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