TopicWho Decides Your Behaviour?

  • Mon 31st Jul 2017 - 7:21am

    Health has a major impact on your life too. You don't have a life without health. The life you do have is not the one you want if your health is poor. For that reason, we spend time discussing options for keeping health Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets where you want it...up and good.

    If we don't keep our health up, we know the consequences. I guess knowing the consequence just isn't enough when it comes to our health. We continue to ignore advice and refuse to care for ourselves despite knowing what is best for us. This doesn't make sense to me as we clearly get it in other areas.

    It is enough when it comes to wearing our seat belts. We know that we could end up seriously injured or dead if we don't wear them. No one wants that. So we wear our seat belts. We also honor the connection with brushing our teeth and the consequences of not doing it. We don't want to walk around with green, rotting teeth and breath that arrives before we do. So we brush our teeth.

    The key to living healthy is to honor the connection between habits and the consequences they bring. It is always about action and results. Actions yield results. If we want certain results, we need to get in the habit of certain actions. It is that simple.


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