TopicHow to create a strong bond with the one you love

  • Wed 23rd May 2018 - 7:04am

    The dating, and by extension marriage, apocalypse is finally upon us (and not just because of Tinder). Today’s men and women of childbearing age are giving up on long-term monogamy and the families that come from them. Single people now outnumber married people, even though most people consider a happy marriage as one of the keys to personal fulfillment. Why is this? First, let’s state the obvious: most people do not choose to be single. Rather, they are single because they can’t find any good candidates for dating or marriage. Men will complain that women today are self-absorbed, entitled, and seem more eager to compete with their partners than support them. Women will complain that men today are lazy, immature, and generally mediocre. Unfortunately, they are both right. To pretend otherwise and still encourage everyone to date and marry only results in unhealthy relationships and inevitable breakups and divorces. Instead, we should look at the reasons for this obvious decline in men and women.

    what’s the solution to this problem, now that we know where it comes from? People with single friends or siblings, as well as single people themselves, want to know. After recognizing it as a problem—and shamelessly pretending the opposite—we need to address these causes in reverse. This is not easy, and most likely uncomfortable in the short-term, but it will ultimately lead to long-term happiness and love. First, single men and women must return to God and His Church. For most people, it should be clear that the secular world wants to keep people single and isolated. It hates children, families, and people happily in love: such types tend to consume less, need less government in their lives, and could not care less about the environment and faux social justice. The God who is love wants the opposite for His children.

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