Topic5 Ways Negative Thinking Can Be Good For You

  • Wed 23rd May 2018 - 7:59am

    In these days’s quick-paced world, we juggle hectic lifestyles and irregular schedules, that completely flip our lives haywire. That is exactly what happened to me?—?before I realized what was happening, I was buried in unpaid bills and my checking account was in dire straits. A friend told me regarding the concept of “natural state of abundance” and the Wealth Compass program, and the way it could help me land on my feet. I was skeptical, however once I tried it, the benefits were important and allowed me to form abundant-needed changes in life. I hated history in college. From timely, my history grades were invariably the worst. On the opposite hand I loved to read, therefore I did well in his English classes and loved classic literature. I couldn’t tell you details regarding World War I, but I may remember a historical truth if it interested me. That is when I realized, that if I am inquisitive about a specific subject, then my mental skills are automatically engaged. The key to my abundance lies in my interests!

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