Topic Correcting Yoga Students in Standing Postures

  • Thu 4th Oct 2018 - 6:49am

    My mind too was tangled with the Mindvalley Yoga Quest nagging question of how Rose was able to say a single word as she spoke clear sentences of instruction to her class while tie up in the same pose that I was attempting to strike. "Remember, she continued, I must see you in the pose for it to count." It wasn't enough that I, a runner and weight trainer, was embarrassed at my lack of yoga skill. Now my teacher had to see me struggling to make a pose for it to count. I continued to struggle while watching others who appeared to have a better grasp of poses.

    After class some students relaxed and sipped tea and ate homemade cookies. I was worn out and didn't want to stand so sitting and talking made complete sense. As I listened and observed, I carefully crafted an opinion of each person's yoga skills. They were more flexible than me and understood how to get into the poses as they were instructed. I was not and felt inferior. I wanted to lose my ego when practicing yoga, but wasn't ready. Miffed, but not angry with myself, I began to drift away thinking of other pursuits that I successfully balanced my desire and ego. My wife and kids were one and work was another.


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