Topic I Need to Make Money - 4 Reasons Affiliate Marketing Is the Best Way to Do It

  • Fri 5th Oct 2018 - 1:17pm


    Some dictionary definitions of 'affiliate' Income League that are relevant here: "to associate (oneself) or be associated"; "to receive into close connection or association"; "a person or organization that is affiliated with another". Being 'an affiliate' means that you have formed an association with a business that is selling something. As an affiliate you are advertising, marketing or directly selling the products or services of that business with the aim of receiving payment in return. That payment can come in various forms but will often come as a percentage of the total value of the item you are selling on their behalf. That business receives its payment from the customer and passes the agreed and relevant percentage or the sale value (e.g. 25%) to you.

    Early Days

    In the very early days of affiliate marketing, the process was fairly direct. Marketers (affiliates) would form 'an association' with a business and sign an agreement to use their best efforts to sell the product or service in question. The agreement would state the terms of what constituted a result (sale), the level of the payment and how that payment would be made. These arrangements could work well but were often rather bureaucratic to set up because each business would have a different type of agreement, so setting up several agreements with different businesses could be time-consuming. The bigger problem, though, was that each business would have its own method of tracking sales. Some of these tracking methods were reliable and others were not. And what's the point of making sales for a company when they lose track of the sales you have made and end up not paying you for your efforts?


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