Topic What Is A Mental Illness And What Is Sound Mental Health?

  • Wed 10th Oct 2018 - 6:04am

    As challenging as it is for Memory Repair Protocol parents, however, your other children suffer as well. Unfortunately, kids lack the emotional maturity and understanding that adults possess, and they may struggle to understand the situation or react appropriately.

    Over time, and with the right support, you can help your children understand and accept a situation that affects the entire family.

    How Siblings May Be Affected by Mental Illness

    Growing up with a sibling with an emotional or mental health disorder can be confusing for kids, especially when they're younger.

    Children understand sicknesses and injuries such as sore throats or broken arms, but mental disorders are essentially invisible. The only evidence they see is their sibling's potentially erratic behavior. Without the benefit of age and understanding, children may believe that they've done something wrong to make sister angry or that she simply doesn't love them anymore.


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