TopicForex Factory - How To Prepare For Your Trading Session

  • Wed 10th Oct 2018 - 7:57am

    The bigger question is: "For whom?"

    With the opportunity for anybody and Fibo Quantum everybody with a computer and an internet connection to participate in the Forex to make money in recent years, thousands of individuals have had some exposure to the challenges of Forex trading.

    Is The Forex A Fool's Game?

    According to some estimates, the vast majority, perhaps as high as 95%, lose money.

    Is it a fool's game, just an elusive dream to trade the Forex to make money to try and achieve financial security?

    In view of the high failure rate, it is prudent for anyone who is contemplating entering Forex trading to do their homework first. While the majority fail to make consistent profits from the Forex, a minority do, and some of them make huge profits from the Forex.



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