TopicGynecomastia - Breast Development in Boys and Men

  • Wed 14th Nov 2018 - 11:51am

    In Asian countries, most men who are believed to have Spartagen XT Koro are due to sexual conflicts, personality factors, and cultural beliefs. Outside of Asia the reasons change dramatically. The causes are based on impotence, promiscuity, being sexually inadequate or feeling guilty about being a habitual masturbator.Genital retraction - men feel as though their penis is retracting for hours or even days on end. Some men complain that the case is chronic. Chronic to the point that they put clamps on their penis to try and stop the retraction process.

    Penis shape - In this particular case, men state that their penis literally changes shape. It is no longer straight, but warped. In most cases, it is way beyond what most men consider to be a bent or curved penis. In addition, the muscular tone of the penis is lost. Others are stressed because they feel as though their penis is getting shorter.Neurosis - There is a certain level of neurosis with men having Koro. It ranges from them thinking that their penis is shrinking into oblivion to loss of sexual power to feeling like they are on their death bed. The idea of death is deeply rooted in Chinese beliefs that if you have a retracting penis and spermatorrhea (a condition of excessive, involuntary ejaculation) the odds were not good. In most cases they felt like your case was fatal.


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